In Person and Online Workshops and Seminars

 Level One Course
Live Online 6-Weeks

Begins September 17, 2016


0. Level One Cover


This level of training will thoroughly educate you the student in the art of reading the grand solar spreads, life paths, spirit paths, and more. You will also learn how to analyze relationship aspects and connections, You will learn how to apply the cards to locations and compatibility with them, also compatibility name to name with others and how that translates in your life paths.

• Introduction to the Mystic Science of the Card

• Understanding Our Relationship with Time – The Grand Spreads• The Perfect Order of the Cards: Our Origin and Our Destiny – It’s All it the Cards!

• The Grand Spirit Spread
-The Four Suits – The Four Aspects of Human Consciousness 
-The Numeric Values of the Deck and Each of the 52 Cards + The Joker

• The Grand Life Spread
– Our Place in Time! Understanding the Responsibility of our Life Path

• Reading the Life Path
-The 13-Card Life Path – The Horizontal Line
-Your Personal 13-Card Life Path – What It Means to You
-The 13 Cards in Your Life Path in Cycles of Time
-Where You Are Now!
-Your Vertical LIfe Path Line – How to Read It, What It Means

• Your Four Personal Significators: how to find them and what they mean:
-The Birth Card
-The Spirit Card
-The Planetary Ruling Card
-The Soul Card

• Planetary Influences – their timing, what they mean, and how to interpret them.

• The 52-Day Planetary Cycles of the Year
– Reading the 52-Day Cycles: knowing how to apply the influences in your life.
– Finding Your Personal Daily Cards in your Planetary Periods
-Your Daily Composite Cards for the Days

• The 7 and 13 Year Cycles (including reading vertical yearly influences)
– Understanding the bigger cycles of time and how to read them is imperative for having
the bigger picture of what’s going on in your life and what your best strategies are for the future. and more….

You will learn how to read the Life Path, Yearly Spreads, Spirit Spread, 7-Year Spreads and the 52-Day Planetary Cycles.

This is a comprehensive course, and exercises and homework will be part of the course as well. You will be able to do comprehensive 

readings for yourself and others at the end of this 6 Week course, and it is also a prerequisite for the Relationship Connections course,

and the Level Two course which covers Seasonal Cycles and Lunar Cycles.

The new online classroom is easy to access, easy to use, and great for learning this body of work. Each class will be one and a half to two hours long – one day a week for six weeks. If you can not attend a class there will be recordings. Also, you will be able to record the class directly to your computer while it’s happening, so that you can watch it again any time you choose, as many times as you hose to. This is a comprehensive class that will give you all the basics you need to read your cards and those of your friends and family. If you work with people professionally, this course will give you great insights into your clients, and it will help you give them greater understanding about themselves. This is a fantastic adjunct to anyone doing therapy, counseling, astrology or numerology; any kind of work with people really. This course is a pre-requisite to further studies with me for the Advanced Training, Relationship Analysis, Teachers Training, and Consultant Training. Included in the fee are handouts for each of the classes, the Level One Workbook, and special audio MP3 files for enhanced learning.

Ongoing 6 -Week online course is now $497.

There are over 12+ hours of focused training in this course, a comprehensive Level One Workbook, and many, many reference pages that will be delivered with some of the lessons that are additional to the workbook. If you cannot attend the course at the time it is happening, a video will be sent to you of the course. This is a very in-depth beginning level training in the cards. You can come into knowing nothing, or have a background of working with the cards and I can guarantee you that I will bring the cards to life for you in a new way.

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It’s All in the Cards!

Advanced Training A-Z!

7-Day In-Person Workshop with Sharon Jeffers
in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!

April 21, 2017


This 7 Day Workshop is for everyone who has an interest in seriously learning this system,
whether it be for personal or professional use.

Whether you already work with the cards or you are brand new – this workshop will enhance
your life personally and professionally – and help you see the direction that is best for you to take.
You will gain new insight and understanding of your Life Path and your journey
through it and through time, and the secret to aligning with your destiny and
you create how it unfolds. This will be a workshop that starts at the beginning
of the cards and travels all the way through to the powerful expression
of the fulfillment that we each have in the cards.
It’s a personal journey and a professional training all in one.
The workshop will be held in an awesome setting in San Miguel de Allende.
You can fly into Leon (BJX) , Queretaro (QRO), or Mexico City (MEX).
San Miguel is easy to get to from all three airports, and I will have
specific information for you for each one. It’s very safe to travel from all
of these airports to San Miguel – and the state of Guanjuanto is safe as well.
Mexico is not nearly as dangerous as the US – so …. no worries there. 🙂
If you would like specific information about how to get from these
airports to where you will be staying, please email me – I’m happy
to answer your questions now.
Affordable lodging is available within one block of where the workshop will be
for $25 – $55 a night for private lodging – in lovely homes of my friends there.
And there is a pension right across the street with rooms for $55 and up.
The course will be five hours a day of classroom (broken up for ease of assimilation)
 – so there will be time to hang out in town and witness and experience the beauty of this magical city and time to shop, play, go to the mineral baths, and more.
There are 180,000 residents in SMA. 10% are foreigners – the rest
are Mexicans who almost all of them were born and raised there.
There are no traffic lights, and only about ten stop signs at the edge of town.
People give each other the right of way, and they are so friendly and kind.
There is amazing food! Live music, and things you cannot imagine.
The streets are cobblestone and the sidewalks are stone.
The weather is amazing – it’s absolutely gorgeous.
I will happily be your tour guide when we are not in class.
You will have class each morning and then have mid- afternoon on
to explore and discover. There will also be opportunities for you to gather together
to explore or have meals as a group. It will be an amazing time for many reasons.
I will be combining elements from all of my life’s works in this workshop.
My main focus in my teaching and working with people is self-awareness
and self-mastery. That is my destiny. You will align with your personal path
of self-mastery in this course, and you will learn how to use the cards to
guide others in the same way, if you so choose. I’m going to share all
my secrets. If you want a deeper connection with yourself, life, and this mystic
oracle – here’s an opportunity to fine-tune all three…. and more. I am going to
also incorporate advance (but simple) learning enhancement techniques to
facilitate our comprehension of the material. I promise this will be an
amazing experience of learning and growth for all of us.
This course will also include a trip to our local pyramid Cañada de la Virgen
with archeologist Albert Coffee. This is a powerful vortex with pre-hispanic history
and Albert is amazing. The cards and the ancient knowledge of the Chichen tribes
align, and spending time at the pyramid is a great way to align energetically with this ancient science.
Bring the Cards to Life!
This workshop is guaranteed to be personally enlightening
and professionally empowering!

Course is $1200

Early Registration – $1075

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Pay a Non-Refundable $200 Deposit to Hold Your Space

Balance Due March 1

Once you register you will receive all the information you need
for traveling to SMA, and for booking a room and the workshop.
If you’d like an outline of the course, please email me.
Course fee includes my Grand Solar Spreads book
Laminated Reference Charts, a copy of my new book in print,
and many other resource materials (print and CDs).
The space is limited to 6 students, so if you know that you want to
come, please let me know. Thank you.

“How we perceive our life determines how we live it.

Understanding brings insight. Insight establishes wisdom.” sj

This workshop is guaranteed to be personally enlightening
and professionally empowering!
You can Email me personally at


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Your Relationships and Your Destiny…
It’s all in the Cards!

Live Online February 13, 2016


No previous workshops or learning necessary for you to attend this workshop!

– Would you like to learn a simple way to understand your relationships with greater clarity and understanding?
Any and all of your relationships; lover, spouse, parent, child, friend, co-worker, employee, etc.

– You don’t need a background in the cards for this workshop –
I will give you all the tools you need to have to understand how to simply and easily figure out your relationship cards and what they mean.

– You do need the latest version of GoogleChrome to participate – so if you don’t have that you can downloaded it for free.

– You will receive a free copy of my book, Love and Destiny – Discover the Secret Language of Relationships if you sign up by
Sep 8 (so there is time to mail it) – see the book here:

– And you will receive a workbook via email (PDF) that supports everything you have learned in the class and the materials that I use on the screen. My class room is very cool. It’s the BEST way to learn about the cards and how they work together, because you can see, hear, and watch as I move and draw and teach all at the same time.


Date:   February 13th – Noon Central Time

Time:  Workshop is Noon – 3pm US Central Time

Not a good time for you? No worries – the link for you to watch the class will be sent to you that day if you are signed up.

Cost:  $90

I guarantee that you will get more than you could possibly expect !

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