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Love and Destiny by Sharon JeffersLove and Destiny
Discover the Secret Language of Relationships

This is a beautiful full color, hard cover book, filled with great insights into our relationships and what happens when we come together with another persona. You can easily calculate your connection with one or more people to learn the gifts, challenges, and opportunities that the relationship brings.
What others have said:
Love and Destiny is a wonderful book about the ancient card system for divination. The card system is new to me although I have studied astrology and Tarot for 25 years. I find the use of the cards as a calendar absolutely fascinating, and Sharon Jeffers has a writing style that makes this complex system easy to understand. The book itself is beautifully designed and a pleasure to read. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to better understand relationships.
In her second book, Sharon Jeffers offers us an intuitive guide for relationships that fills the gaps the self-help psychology books leave. This is an ancient system of birthdays, playing cards, and the yearly calendar that can explain an individual’s being under the surface–based on our birthday–that can be tracked in patterns and events and probabilities throughout our life. As Sharon explains so clearly, this can prove very useful in understanding how to make a relationship succeed. Or how to avoid the pitfalls of a relationship that is proving difficult. This is useful on many levels, like getting a best friend’s advice when we need it most, a best friend who really knows us. This book is a companion piece to her first book, which focused on the individual. This one focuses on partnership. So I recommend buying both and using them together. This is an ancient divination system and oracle that arose in the west that carries the same depth of truth and authenticity and “magical intervention” that the I Ching does in the east.
What a beauty of a book that sums up the core gifts awaiting any relationship AND condenses a fascinating, complex system into heartfelt, fun reading. I’ve used this quite a bit to assess friendships and work relationships, and it has pinpointed so perfectly why some are so easy and others are a delicate dance. Sharon presents an easy formula for creating peace and understanding between all combinations of people.