Love and Destiny by Sharon Jeffers

Your Relationships and Your Destiny Online Workshop


 Discover the Secrets Hidden in Your Relationships

July 29 and 30, 2016
Class limited to 10 participants

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Product Description

Your Relationships and Your Destiny
It’s All in the Cards!


Based on my award-winning book, Love And Destiny – Discover the Secret Language of Relationship!

No previous workshops or learning necessary for you to attend this workshop!

– Would you like to learn a simple way to understand your relationships with greater clarity and understanding?
Any and all of your relationships; lover, spouse, parent, child, friend, co-worker, employee, etc.

– You don’t need a background in the cards for this workshop –
I will give you all the tools you need to have to understand how to simply and easily figure out your relationship cards and what they mean.

– I will cover the 4 Seasons of Relationships (new material) in this workshop, very powerful information for greater understanding of how our relationships unfold.

– You do need the latest version of GoogleChrome to participate – so if you don’t have that you can downloaded it for free.

– You will receive a workbook via email (PDF) that supports everything you have learned in the class and the materials that I use on the screen. My class room is very cool. It’s the BEST way to learn about the cards and how they work together, because you can see, hear, and watch as I move and draw and teach all at the same time.


Date:   Spring 2017 — dates to be announced soon.


Not a good time for you? No worries – the link for you to watch the class will be sent to you that day if you are signed up.