Cards of Destiny by Sharon Jeffers

Cards of Destiny – A Birthday Book and Daily Divination Guide



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Cards of Destiny by Sharon JeffersCards of Destiny   A Birthday Book and Daily Divination Guide by Sharon Jeffers

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From the Publisher: A two-part gift book combining the mystical science of playing cards with the ancient power of the calendar to reveal the universal influences ruling each day of the year.• The birthday book features detailed descriptions of each card’s characteristics, a birthday chart to locate one’s associated card, and a place to record the birthdays of friends and family.• The daily divination guide features a perpetual calendar summarizing the energetic influences of the cards on a day-to-day basis. Includes 52 full-color reproductions of playing cards dating back to the 15th century. Includes a Sun Card (describing how others see us) and a Spirit Card (describing our inner selves). HARD COVER – FULL COLOR U.S. $22.95

5.0 out of 5 stars
 An unbelievably pleasant surprise… September 25, 2008

I’ve always had more of a ‘thing’ for the playing card deck than the tarot. Playing cards always sat better with my spirit; though I often just wondered if it was the size of the tarot deck that just didn’t fit comfortably enough in my small hands. Then I came across this book. Sharon Jeffers so perfectly explained why the cards are such an important piece of our society as well as a divination tool. With the guidance I could take from the book, I switched completely to the playing card deck. I’m always the favorite at friends’ birthday parties when I arrive wielding this book. Jaw after jaw drop to the ground with its detailed accuracy. The only head-scratcher I’ve found in the years I’ve owned this was my husband’s birth card; but sure enough, Sharon explained what to do if a birth happened to fall close to midnight, and as usual, another jaw dropped to the ground in awe. I’ve recycled every book I’ve ever laid my hands on except this one. And this book will surely never leave me. It’s just too good to part with.

By Tami Goldman on July 8, 2006

Format: Hardcover

This book is absolutely lovely, from cover to cover. I would recommend it for no other reason than it’s truly original in its writing. When you become a student of the cards, you try to read all that you can, from every author. Unfortunately, most authors print descriptions of the cards that are variations of each other and you find yourself reading the same thing over and over again, not learning much (if anything) new. Not to mention that some birth card descriptions can be depressing and after you’ve read about yourself, you’re left feeling doomed – facing a life of misery.Sharon Jeffers has presented each birthcard in her own unique style. Her book is exceptionally well-written and completely different from every other book on the subject. Her descriptions of each birth date are cheerful, optimistic and informative. I would recommend her book for the writing alone, the fact that it’s also very pleasing to the eye is just an added bonus. It is truly amazing just how accurate this ‘card system’ is when describing personality traits. In this book, the author has captured each individuals nature beautifully.It makes a wonderful gift – not just for the student of the cards but anyone who is searching for insight into themselves, curious about their relationships or just for fun.

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