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Aces ~ KingsAces to Kings ~ Numbers and Suits MP3

2 Hours Play Time

This is an audio recording from an online workshop I did last year. At the time this was recorded,  I was speaking about the cards going through them one by one from the Ace of Hearts to the King of Spades. I lost track of time – a hour and a half class ended up going for two and a half hours without me realizing it. I finished the rest of the cards in the next class. This is great information about each of the cards, the numbers and the suits. I talk about each one of them individually and how they influence us when show up in our different time cycles, and more.  The CDs are a compilation of excerpts from the Level One online course, and contain one hour and forty-eight minutes  of information describing each of the cards; Aces through Kings. Each card has it’s own track for ease in navigation.