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Mystic Life Spread copy 3LIFE PATH READING ~ What’s Your Card?

What are the secrets hidden in your birthday, and where are you in time?

The card deck was originally a calendar. The Mystic Science of the Cards is a mathematically based system with 91 predetermined charts that present a matrix time. This mystic science is more personally accurate than astrology and numerology, and embodies both of those sciences within it as well. Readings are based on your birthday and present age.

In a Life Path Reading I will explain your 4 Personal Significators to you (Birth, Spirit, Soul, and Planetary Ruling cards): what they are and what they mean for you. We will look at where you are in your 13 year cycles, and explain what that means for you at this point in time. We will also look at the yearly spread for your present age and what your opportunities are. If you have specific questions related to events, people in your life, important decisions, or timing – I can give you clear direction in all of these arenas. $250