Grand Solar Spreads Book and Laminated Charts

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The Mystic Science of the Cards

Grand Solar Spreads

I created this book a decade ago - and did it in a way that would give the usera direct line into the deeper influences of each Birth Card being able to see the
Soul and Spirit cards that reside within each card.

The book is 8x6.5, nice to hold, easy to see, and the quality printing is soy ink on recycled paper.
The left had page is blank so that you can lay the appropriate charts there when you are doing a reading.

There's an option to buy separately or with laminated charts the same size.
Charts include -
52 Day Cycle Calendar/Birthday Chart
Grand Life Spread
3 Month Seasonal Cycles
Lunar Cycles

Grand Solar Spreads Book Only $20 + $5 Priority Shipping


Grand Solar Spreads Book with Laminated Charts (full set) $30 + $5 Priority Shipping


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