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Sharon Jeffers

sharon_jeffersBook a private session with award-winning author, Sharon Jeffers. Sharon is known for her amazing accuracy with this mystic science, and her gifted insightfulness with which she has helped thousands of people from around the world.  She has over 30 years experience working with people to transform their lives. Her clients include people from every walk of life and most countries in the world. Sharon is an author, speaker, consultant, counselor, and medium.

“I’ve been a client of Sharon’s for over two decades because she gives me the most accurate information. She is honest, caring, and very clear. If you are seeking direction in your life Sharon IS the person to work with.  – Margaret L.  Atty. ~ B.C.

Sharon is also available for group and speaking events and parties. All sessions are recorded mp3. Please contact me for details and pricing. If you have questions, please either email me, or call 323-850-0812 



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Schedule a Personal Session

The card deck was originally a calendar. The Mystic Science of the Cards is a mathematically based system with 91 predetermined charts that present a matrix time. This mystic science is more personally accurate than astrology and numerology, and embodies both of those sciences within it as well. Readings are based on your birthday and present age.


If you have specific questions related to events, people in your life, relationships, business, important decisions, life direction or timing – I can give you clear direction in all of these arenas.   $250   



Birthday Special !

Order this reading within 2 weeks before or after your birthday and receive a $50 discount on your Birthday Reading. This is a yearly overview including the year long cycle you are in, the 3 month cycles that are within that year, and anything specific that you would like to focus on. Readings are typically over an hour long.


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Need some clarity?


I can give you a lot of information in a short amount of time.
If you have something that you need clarity with, whether it be a relationship, business decision, question about moving, or something to do with another person, such as your child;
I can give you clear and concise guidance in a short amount of time. If you are clear about what you want to know,
this is the reading for you. I love doing this type of reading!


“I’ve been a client of Sharon’s for over two decades because she gives me the most accurate information. She is honest, caring, and very clear. Thank you Sharon for all the amazing guidance you have given me over the years.  – Margaret L.  Atty. ~ B.C.

 $130 – 30 min   ORDER

Phone ~ 323-850-0812

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Location and Relocation Analysis

Astro-Cartography is a powerful tool used to determine the astrological influences that govern our person and our lives in any particular place on the planet. This information is based on the time of our birth. I take a unique approach to location analysis by also using the science of the cards in conjunction with the astrological information to find more personalized exact influences for you where you live, where you might be considering living, or to help you make a decision about where to go, where to put your products, where you will find the best support for prosperity, love, happiness, good health, and more. For this reading it is best if you know your birth time, but not absolutely necessary. If you don’t know your birth time, I can do a relocation reading just using the cards. This reading includes an analysis of your time cycles in the cards to determine the best time to make a move and if the location you are choosing is the best place for you to live, work, and manifest your dreams.

$250     ORDER  


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