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Did you know that the deck of 52 playing cards was originally a calendar, and that it coincides with our yearly calendar perfectly?
52 weeks in the year - 52 cards in the deck
12 months - 12 court cards
4 seasons - 4 suits
13 weeks in each of the four seasons, and 13 cards in each of the four suits.
When added together, the entire deck equals 365.

One of those days is your birthday - and your birthday is governed by a specific card. Your Birth Card determines your Life Path in this ancient system, and that path reveals where you are in time at any given moment, and the influences that are governing events and possibilities in your life. Sharon Jeffers is the award winning author of two books on this mystic science; Cards of Destiny, and Love and Destiny. Please enter your birthday to discover your card of destiny and what it reveals. We have lovely support materials for you to learn about the cards, and gifts as well.

Star of the Magi Birthday Greeting Cards are beautiful 5.5 x 7.5 printed on high quality recycled paper with soy ink, 100% environmentally friendly. Each card comes with same quality envelope and is housed in a cellophane jacket. These cards look perfect in a frame and make a great gift. The cards actually have a 1" white border around the full color images creating a natural frame. Shipping included.

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